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Babar, crayfish fisher - Pierre meets babar
Meeting with BABAR

It is in the Crouesty harbour, in 1988, that Pierre meets 'Babar ' for the first time.
By its forms, its paces, this boat corresponds in every points at the wishes of Pierre for its adventure. Alas, his owner , Mr Schneider who sails for 2 years with 'Babar',
doesnot want to sell his boat.

In several opportunities, Pierre meets Mr Schneider and offers him, to buy from him 'Babar', but the answer is always negative.

In 1992, not finding the boat which will allow him to go around the world on the traces of Jacques-Yves Le Toumelin, Pierre dicided to pay for a conplete building of 'Kurun'. He asks for a quote the Chantier du Guip (Île-aux-Moines). In the correct way for such boat, the bill is well broght up. Pierre leaves itself the time of cogitation then goes back to the Construction site of Guip some months later, for the quote, decided to begin the building.

In debate with the manager of the Chantier du Guip, Yann Maufret, exchanges arrive about 'Babar' and Yann announces him that he is for sale for two days ...

The first one left its dream can finally occur. In 1994, Pierre becomes finally possessing of 'Babar' !

To follow ...

Some details behong are from the first tale of the first trip
of Pierre Raffin-Caboisse
in his book : 'Babar autour du monde'.

Creation date : 07/02/2008 00:28
Last update : 10/11/2008 21:19
Category : Babar, crayfish fisher
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Babar, crayfish fisher

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