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All 2007 rendez-vous - May - Gulf's week
From 14 till 20 May 2007 the fourth edition of the Week of Gulf took place.
This inevitable date of the lovers of traditional navy, sail or oar, has acueilli very cool Babar taken out from the construction site of Guip of l'île aux Moines for repairing.

You can see a photograph in the party album photograph of the site (icon " In pictures ")

To show the album photograph suit of these two days of navigation on Babar, click here:Babar à la semaine du Golfe

Good visit and good wind.


Creation date : 26/11/2007 23:06
Last update : 17/03/2008 00:00
Category : All 2007 rendez-vous
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by peaule 24/02/2008 18:51

 Merci pour ces très belles photos...
Je n'était pas fou et pas le seul à ne pas pouvoir ouvrir ces "petits bijoux".


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