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Babar, crayfish fisher - Before BABAR
Babar was not always called... Babar!

This boat came into the world further to a tragic official report: Mr Retaire is the owner of an old fishing boat, bâptisé ' In cushy father ' and seagoing in Bay of Bourgneuf. The boat is in rather poor state and he likes to make it restore. Rot is far too much important and the expense of restoration surpasses by far the building of a new boat !

The construction site of Chantier du Guip (île-aux-Moines) offers him then to see plans of traditional boats drawn by the naval architect François Vivier. Enticed, he place order ...

.. in May, 1981, in the construction site of Chantier du Guip they end the building of the boat. It is a retort of a working boat, the Crayfish-Fisher , that fished between Pen Marc'h and Belle-Ile. Plans being drawn by the naval architect François Vivier. For him, it is important, it is his first plan which becomes a reality (Presentation of Babar on the site of F. Vivier).

The characteristics of the boat are the following:
- length of cockle: 10 m
- length in the flotation: 8,95 m
- gauge: 9,75 barrels
- weight empty: 10 tonnes
- ballast: 3 tonnes
- midship beam: 3,40 m
- draught: 1,65 m
- incomparable length: 14,50 m (end outside and bôme include)
- sails: 90 m ²

In the construction site of Chantier du Guip, this evening of May 10th, 1981, a small new Crayfish-Fisher is put in water. He will be called 'Evening of May 10th, 1981'.

Here is pictures of the end of construction of 'Evening of May 10th, 1981', the 'futur Babar', taken in construction site of chantier du Guip, at the 'Île-aux-Moines', in 1981. Thoses pictures have been given by the chief of the Chantier du Guip, thanke to them, Yann Maufret & Paul Bonnel  (Le Chaniter du Guip)

'Soir du 10 Mai 1981'  first day on water
Langoustier Babar - Mise à l'eau en Mai 1981

Langoustier Babar - Mise à l'eau en Mai 1981

Here is 'Evening of May 10th, 1981', it will become Babar in a few years.
Other name, other colors.

Langoustier Babar - Mise à l'eau en Mai 1981

First sailing, beautifull !

He joins the Mediterranean Sea then and sails during about 4 years there before coming back in Brittany where he is sold.
The new owner calls it 'Tal coat' and the guard 1 or 2 years before selling it during the Salon of Crouesty in 1986.

It is M. Schneider how buy and call it 'Babar' (nickname of the father of Eric Tabarly).

To follow ...

Some details behong are from the first tale of the first trip
of Pierre Raffin-Caboisse
in his book : 'Babar autour du monde'.

Creation date : 06/02/2008 23:37
Last update : 10/11/2008 21:20
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